Mundane Weekend…

It is the usual weekend again, after a long week of working.

It has been long dreaded night every day since Monday and I decided that Friday should be my nite out to relax and chill out with friends I’ve not met for quite some time now and also to catch up. Well, its more of a chilaxin night out lah.

Jun! if you are reading this, I’m sorry to hear what happened. Hope Neo comes out from the hospital real soon eh?

So, its friday night and it was also Sunrise Jazz Festival. Nigel msn-ed few days ago about it and called out the whole gang to chill out..

Sigh, this brings back memories of when Sunrise Jazz Festival started way long ago and we all in a big group would travel to Mon’t Kiara from Klang and chill out..

When was that? Prolly its about 6 years ago if I am not mistaken..
The promoter girl joke of “you want this.. or this?” and the bucket of beers on the table, and with Ben going up on stage doing the blindfolded dance! Memories.. memories…

I shall touch on that Sunrise Jazz Festival experience soon.. I promise! SOON!

So, after Mon’t Kiara, I head back to Sunway and off I go to Zouk with Big John! Now, Jon is back from Kuching and he needs to party real bad! haha

The occassion of the night is Ben Hall’s short trip back to KL and also, I need to get out of the work zone and party like crazy doink! -_- more likely that I needed to drink lah.. :P

That night, basically took my whole Saturday morning, rolling around my bed.. haha

Mom wants to go out so, its family weekend again. Steamboat dinner with Mom and also to visit Aunty Joyce’s husband who is in a very sad-state because he fell and left his body half-paralyze. I was in tears in my heart seeing how helpless he is and Aunty Joyce has to help move him around the house. I am scared to think what is it like to be in their state when I am old. Come on, they are way off their retirement age and this happens, while no one else is in the house and Aunty Joyce have to help her husband to move around and sometimes, they are so helpless that her husband has to be push to the door to help himself up!


Sunday, today, now, is more like stay in the house kinda day. What more can I do? I’ve done part of my work report and watched a movie, The Warlords. I gave up on my home internet, slow-like-donkey-myx, because I can’t even do much online. I’m thinking of going to Starbucks and chill out for the day later on.

I need to go wash my car already! Been weeks and the rain doesn’t help much in keeping my car constant clean!

Came online also, all I can do is chat. How I wish the chat is what it used to be? Then again, Sunday, everyone is bored at home and they are either busy or away or AFK so I shall just leave them alone.

I shall go play with Kayzar then, he definitely will layan me wan!
Every week see him one time… He also another manja one lah…

Hope your weekend is better than mine…

Life is like selling…

Everything we do in life revolve around sales…

My basic sales techniques are

1) Prospecting
2) Qualifying
3) Proposal
4) Closing
5) Follow Up

Sometimes, we do too much prospecting we will end up getting nothing while
we sometimes overlook the idea of prospecting and straight jump to our proposal
not even considering qualification.

Young that time, we always jump to proposal to buy that toy not thinking of
prospecting and qualifying for that toy even ending up a rejection because we are
always naughty..

It is not easy to find the right sales pitch and it really take some time to really
find that our prospecting reached a qualification and a smooth proposal and
thus ending up with a great closing.

But until you really master it, it will be smooth as if you’ve used baby lotion for like
20 years already.. -_-

I remember once, my friend told me that asking for sex is a selling process too.
Like literally true like prostitute la.. you stand to prospect, then show yourself
to qualify, then propose your price and then close your client for cheaper price if
he/she not happy with your exorbitant price and voila.
Can follow up for future sales also? -__-

To find the love of your life also is like a selling process..
You need to prospect yourself to the opposite sex..
Qualify yourself to be their life partner during your courtship..
You feel it’s about time, then do your proposal..
Then, do your closing with their parents and follow up by being a great partner..
If you are stuck in the middle.. then sorry la.. all I can say is ‘hai-lat’ lor…
In other other words, better go hide for a month…

Just like this company I’m prospecting now till in the midst of closing, but it is not
easy because there so much conditions and special request and negotiation in
between till I hit the end of closing.. arghh.. it is not easy.. but the satisfaction is there.

Alright.. this post just came up randomly… maybe not really randomly but I felt the
need to blog about this…

Guess what? I’m was in my office while I draft this entry and I was checking the
accounting and sales record, I found an error done by ticketing staff number 2.
Boiling! I just wanna solve the matter ASAP. Else, she will have to fork out a big
sum of money just to cover that error and it will be a hard lesson to learn. I’ve gone
through that, and I do not wish others to go through the same way I did.

But I could have just left it and let her learn a lesson.. bah I’m just too nice…
Sometimes, too nice that I will in the end hurt myself and feel that why I am being
so nice and all and then it is like the effort has gone to waste…

So… here it is..

Protected: Relations…

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The Connections

Today, I see a clearer, much more clearer picture of “connections”.

Facing a seat problems for my client, one call away and they are solved.

All thanks to connections.

It is all truth and it is hard fact brutal truth that whatever you want to accomplish
in life is connections.

You want a business deal, you have the resources, but not the
right contact person. Your best buddy knows A who has the right contact for your
business deal, thus, the business deal is closed. See this situation?

In the real tough world out there, what can sooth the toughness is connections.

Keyword to success (partially la) is also connections…

You want to get datuk-ship in Malaysia also need connections…

Er..?? Wait.. i think for datuk-ship is money.. but to get money also = connections…


That Something

Boss called today.. I never answered his call.. It was 10AM and I was half awake.
Then I called him back at around 12noon and he was saying

Boss: (in funny tone) whoa.. still sleeping ah, we all at HQ still working on saturday
Me: yes Mr. Boss, but we in KL work late and don’t go back home 5PM sharp!
Boss: ok ok… (he got nothing else to say ady) so ur company profile… bla bla bla..

So yeah.. we all in KL work like shiat also he dunno.. while our HQ 5PM say bye bye!
Go home and sleep or climb nearby mountain god knows why..

I was just sitting down in LRT and pondering everyday…
I just felt my life was boring.. and thinking what if I have more resources in my life?
Last night, when I was going home I thought of this..

When one has nothing, he wants what those who has something has,
The one who has something wants what those who has more than him,
The one who has more wants everything that everyone else has.
But the one who has everything, most of them, does not really want everything.
They just want their normal lives back…

(Thomas Yap, 150907)

So, how do we categorize normal lives.. I don’t know.. You know?

We as mortals…

We as Mortals

I always wanted to be the one who cares for you,
More than anyone else who wants to care for you,
But everytime I try, u fail me,
U fail me indeed all the time…

But why it has to be that way,
The way that I don’t want it to be,
And why it has to be you,
Not anyone else whom I would knew…

Fate is just the work of God,
He is the one who work things out,
For us a mere mortal will just have to follow,
To follow what God has in place for us…

I wrote this sometime ago, and i shall share this with you guys.
Am i that good? :P

Two Zero Zero Seven x 2

Today is 20/07/2007. So says the top
Today is a special day. Why? Because its 2007 x 2.
So why is 2007 x 2 so special? Because i think it is..

Anyways… after like listening to Sharon about Tarot Card reading,
and how the readings were so like ermm 50-80% true with our life.

I decided to get one reading too :P and this is my result!
I wouldn’t say its totally 100% true but then.. mostly.. See what it says..

You are The Emperor

Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person.

The Emperor is the great authority figure of the Tarot, so it represents
fathers, father-figures and employers. There is a lot of aggression and violence

The Emperor naturally follows the Empress. Like an infant, he is filled with enthuiasm, energy, aggression. He is direct, guileless and all too often irresistible. Unfortunately, like a baby he can also be a tyrant. Impatient, demanding, controlling. In the best of circumstances, he signifies the leader that everyone wants to follow, sitting on a throne that indicates the solid foundation of an Empire he created, loves and rules with intelligence and enthusiasm. But that throne can also be a trap, a responsibility that has the Emperor feeling restless, bored and discontent.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Stability, power, protection, realization; a great person.
My believes “POWER = Money/Contacts/Intellect”

There is a lot of aggression and violence too.
Not so true :P I’m very nice and gentle person :P

For the last part. I would say, 90% true. I like to take responsibility.
But being a responsible person, i sometimes get into trouble.
Not sometimes, but rather many times..

I wanna go for a Tarot Card reading..I mean live wan.
Recommend any?

Who Am I?

I am speechless..

I’m dumbfounded..