Meeting with the ‘Company’

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The Fly FM’s FIX IT

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FIX IT Call (partial)

After this call I made an appointment to meet up with the new Finance Manager yesterday.
These guys are prone to NOT IN OFFICE so I better make an appointment.
Therefore, I shall let the audio do the talking..

Meeting Up

Now, so what can a Finance Manager do when the approval solely comes from the MD?
I don’t censor my FIX IT cause I find it all true and there is nothing to hide.See, how earlier the MD played with the FIX IT call, trying to potray that he has done
everything he could.. I feel that, no.. he is playing the manipulating game..So what?? I’m game for it…Let’s see within a month, any reply from the new Finance Manager…

Hopefully by Christmas.. so that I can really enjoy my Christmas outings..

Fly FM’s FIX IT (2)

The on-air version is full of *toot* *toot* *toot*…
I should have told Phat Fabes to just mention my name as I got nothing to hide.

Roshan was saying that if the MD could bend some rules and get things done..

The MD then replied…
I agree with you.. I want Thomas to come and meet up with AL and ask him to
introduce Thomas to AZ and see how they solve the matter… because, obviously if
they cannot solve this small matter, they are not fit to become a Finance Manager.

He even said (not being aired)
Am I very bad?.. Because, I can’t be expecting Thomas calling me and telling me all
the crap story!…

Now, that saying about me telling him crap story.. what? saying that I’m paying out of
my pocket is ‘crap’ story?

Oh wells.. you see, how can a person who is a Managing Director, who even called
himself a Dato’ and I would assume the son of Dato’ also be such a crooked!?

People like this MD is so good with his words.. see how good is his words about his
finance manager?

I’ve made an appointment to meet this new finance manager and it’s about 2 hours
from now i’m going to meet him. Why I made an appointment even though the MD
suggested I do a surprise visit?

Because.. a surprise visit will be be a surprise when that person is not around, and
i’ve wasted enough resources and monies just to take my transport down to their
office and meet AL up previously. Nothing has been done.

If you come across this kinda company.. please deal with CASH ONLY basis.
Crooks like this MD could well anytime be a ‘corporate conman’ I would guess…

AL and AZ is the shortened name for people..


This is how I am collecting my debt from a so called ‘First Multi-Fulfillment’
company in Malaysia. Google the keyword.

My company’s auditor don’t care about this case and since Fly FM got this program
called FIX IT, why not I try my luck.

What was my case? I wrote about it earlier this year, Doing Business in Malaysia.

To summarize, this company, particularly this person, came begging to me to get
his family, office people and including himself to Kuching on AirAsia with urgency.
Weeks later, payment were not made and even got scolded when I asked him to
make his own payment at one of the posh island hotel here in Malaysia when the
total bill came to more than RM 10K and furthermore, the previous payments were
not made too. That Kuching payment until today is not even settled and it is only
RM 3,708.00 and since then, I have to fork out my own salary to pay for this
mistake of trusting this company and the MD, which is NOT FAIR!

So, after about 10 months, promise after promise of payment were made and none
came. The MD is so good with his tongue and twist everything that sides him.

So tomorrow 27th Nov 2007 on 7:30am and 9:30am, tune in to FlyFM’s Big Bang Breakfast Show to listen to the FIX IT. Listen how the MD put it in his own words
this whole scenario is all about and just push it away from his responsibility to
approve the payment.

*to be continued on next post after the FIX IT*

FLY Firefly in Malaysia

A pet project by Malaysia Airlines.
A community based airline, with a low cost base.

There’s MAGIC in the air. What magic?
Let’s see this coming 2nd April 2007.

For those who are in the nutshell…

Firefly is a low cost community based airliner running two Fokker 50
planes servicing six different domestic and international routes.

Commencing Monday, 2 April, Firefly will offer 14 weekly flights to
Kota Bharu, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Langkawi and
7 weekly flights to Phuket and Koh Samui, from Penang.

Are they gonna bust Air Asia’s arse?
I bet not, because Malaysia Airlines still has its advantages.
The plane is theirs, and they have the resources. Just not the funds.

They are taking their lead operations from Penang International
Airport, where it is a totally different market from Air Asia who
operates from its main hub at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

Penang got direct flights from Europe, which is also a great second
entry gate into Malaysia. and with Firefly plying the routes to
Kota Bharu, Kuantan, Terengganu and Langkawi from Penang, it
will be totally a whole new game.

Furthermore, Firefly will also fly to Phuket and Koh Samui which
is also another two great beach retreat destination.

Let the fire Magic begins!