Is This Is How AirAsia Cheat Our Money?

Please, AirAsia, you are not going to run away with anything.

Seriously. Is this how you earn extra money? You offer a system for people to write in and seek for refund for whatever reason be it valid or not. Then, you tweak the system to the extend that it will auto-reject every email that comes in!

Correct me if I am wrong. I have two instances that your system just reply instantly without even reviewing my request properly. It is very misleading and very sad to receive such email.

Here is the first two email I received few days a go and look at the timing of the email that came in.

First One!

Second One!

Then today, early this morning, I received the same similar message with the same timing of reply.

Just within one minute apart and I don’t think AirAsia’s system can be so intelligent enough to run through a check which I personally think requires human touch.

It is very sad and I am not sure if this is how AirAsia cheat our money? Giving all of us lost hope to even continue fighting or demanding for the money paid which should be returned but not because they just put a bot in their system to reject every request and then they get away with the need to refund or what not.

Have anyone of you faced this issue before?

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