AirAsia flies to Japan in Dec 2010

There are two objective of this post. So read the full post to find out what I am going to talk about.
1) Serves as an awareness of AirAsia’s flight to Japan-Haneda Airport.
2) Serves as an awareness also the terms & conditions plus traveling to Japan.

Wow! I am sure it is definitely a talk of the town with AirAsia promoting their fares to Japan as cheap as RM 99 one way all inclusive of tax. What’s even more interesting to find is that they have packages as low as RM 1,999 per person which includes flights and accommodation at AirAsiaGo!

Wow Wow Wow!

I was impressed at the rate of how AirAsia is going with all their marketing and promotions and opening of new routes time and time again. This time it would be Japan! Dyyiiaaammm…


Oh yeah! Moshi Moshi Japan! AirAsia is selling seats to Japan from RM 99 onwards! Check it out yo!


But wait! STOP! Don’t so rush! The sales starts at 1100 hours on 23rd September 2010, which is TODAY! hooray!



Oh wait! There’s more! There’s more! AirAsiaGo is selling Japan packages in conjunction of this launch by AirAsia.
Can you believe it? Package to Japan which includes flights and accommodations from RM 699!


With that kind of package price, even my nephew and niece can go, albeit they don’t use their pocket monies lah!

AirAsiaGo also works as a one stop center for any destination you fly with AirAsia for packages. They even offer transportation and even lots more package options for you to choose.



So yeah! What are you waiting for? Go grab your credit card and start clicking the “Buy” button! If you don’t have a credit card, go grab your parent’s or if you want, ask me nicely. :D

Now, happy moments are over while I need to bring these awareness up before you start clicking “Buy”

1) Terms & Conditions of purchasing this round of promotion by AirAsia.

While it is all nice and rosy about the cheap promo fares to Japan, I still think their terms & conditions is a little bit untrustworthy towards the consumer. What am I talking about? Read these fine prints by AirAsia on their promo banner:

Booking Period     :
23 September 2010 – 31 October 2010
Travel Period    :     9 December 2010 – 31 July 2011
Travel Notes
– Advanced booking required.
– Fares are not available during embargo period.
– Flights start 9 Dec 2010 and are subjected to regulatory approval.
– AAX flies to Japan every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.
– Fares and flights shown on our website are subject to government approval, all funds charged for flights will be quarantined pending Japanese government approval.

What does that mean you ask me? Ok! Don’t quote me buy just let me guess. I don’t want to be sued by AirAsia while I’m still broke.

I would believe with the above quoted statement, AirAsia has not gained any Japanese government’s approval to land at Haneda Airport while the date of 9th December may be a tentative flying out dates. While the regulatory approval would suggest that AirAsia hasn’t or still waiting for IATA or similar bodies to approves the airspace routes to be taken.

While these are the case, do not be alarmed at the same time, as this promotion may be AirAsia’s ticket to convince the Japanese government to grant them (AirAsia) a right to land at Haneda Airport. Which means, if A LOT of you starts buying, AirAsia can show the volume and the potential tourism income Japan will gain by granting flight access to AirAsia.

Now, the issue is that, what if AirAsia doesn’t get the rights to land at Haneda Airport in December and delayed till January only? What will happen to all the monies spent to buy tickets flying out during Christmas. Everyone will surely plan their holidays and if AirAsia doesn’t fly, consumer’s plan will be screwed all over.

Now, bearing in mind that customer service support from AirAsia via call in or email may not be prompt to handle the number of cases, should the above happen. Unless, AirAsia opens a dedicated channel to serve the Japanese route. What more, waiting in line at their walk-in service centers is really a bummer at times.

So, decide nicely before you buy and while you are screwed all over, don’t say I never warn you. While I am not worry for losing clients to go direct online to purchase, I do not want to see people suffer because of “dodgy” terms and conditions by AirAsia. You all know how budget carriers can be really a pain in the arse sometimes.

OK! Next…

2) Traveling to Japan. Visa is definitely needed.

Why I am concern on this matter is that, the price is so cheap, every tom dick and harry would also wanna buy. Markets I would see responding very well to this campaign or route would be the youths.

Now, be very well aware that you definitely need a visa to enter Japan and it takes a lot more in requirements to process which involves financial capabilities and traveling arrangements in Japan.

I do really suggest you read well the info stated in this page > Visa Application Requirement.

There you go, I’ve state my suggestions and it’s time to fly to Japan?

Anhyong Haseyooo!!

Eh wait… wrong country… ermm..


oh wait.. too “adult” .. ermm…


5 comments on “AirAsia flies to Japan in Dec 2010

  1. well said yap thomas! the promotion is really tempting, some got it from as low as rm 290 for return tic but I’ve decided to just wait and see. Can’t take any risk :p

    I’m pretty sure that you know about my flight cancellation case right? I’m flying in this saturday and they only notified me like 10 days before that my return flight is canceled. we were just given an email address to make subsequent arrangement/reschedule. as of today (after 48 hr has passed), no one has replied. I was lucky because I contacted a friend who works in AA and he asked someone from CS to sort it out for me.

    And please don’t bother to call their “PREMIUM” cs line, the charge is RM2/minute, and they can put you on hold for like FOREVER. you’ll get a shock looking at your phone bill.

  2. are seriously fast in blooging bout this eh~

    thanks for the info and not many ppl aware of the Visa including me.. flight ticket is cheap..but spending there is massive~ Aiiii

    saving and planning for Japan trip`

  3. kampungboycitygal: Ya lah! Must let people know first hand. Plus, everyone knows how AirAsia CS is la… I don’t have to say further. Haha
    Tock: Come! I do ur visa. :P Let me earn some kopi duit. But u also expert d. Sigh…
    taufulou: Oh definitely. Good that you are informed now.

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