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A lot of people would rather pay a taxi to LCCT which would normally cost RM 80 from any location in Klang Valley. I’ve got my regular whom I always use when I head over to airport. His name is Mr. Kana and his number (Zero-One-Six) 2735934. A reliable chap and always on time to pick you up. He usually charges me RM 70 to LCCT from Sunway.

Anyways, the point is. There is another way for you to reach LCCT from KL Sentral. It is a service by Express Rail Link which brings you from KL Sentral to LCCT in less than 50 minutes. (I’ve calculated the time)

First, you need to get yourself a ticket from KL Sentral. It will only cost you RM 12.50 and the train will take you to Salak Tinggi.

Then, from the Salak Tinggi station, you just need to walk out to the main entrance and you can see the transit bus waiting for you to board.

When I was traveling (December 2009), there were not many people in the bus. They even have a luggage storage space in the bus. It will definitely be a challenge to move in and out for those who got abnormally large luggage. Not too sure if they have luggage compartment at the bottom as they usually does.

For full train schedules, please visit KLIA Transit to LCCT – Schedule.

There you go, my experience using KLIA Transit to LCCT. Will definitely travel with KLIA Transit again…

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  1. Yeahh..it’s much easier now to go to LCCT from KL Sentral which is the hub for all trains in Kuala Lumpur.

    Just wonder what does asterisk near the fare mean?

  2. Hi Thomas,
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  3. Hey… thanks for your information but the bus will wait until full of ppl only drive to LCCT? i plan to use this KLIA transit as well for my next journey so would like to understand more. thanks

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