The 2010 New Year’s Eve

I just realize that I did not click “Publish” for this post! My timing has been so the off and I’m always late. Must start organizing my time and not to be late for appointments anymore!

Okay, enough of kinky steamy post for now. I don’t always write those kinda things wan lah. I’m a good boy, remember? So, it’s time for updates, and these was 2010 New Year’s Eve at Penang.

Bought myself a super cheap AirAsia ticket up to Penang to have fun with The Boys from 30th Dec 2009 till 1st Jan 2010. The travel which was all in the hands of The Boys.

This is where I stayed, Flamingo by the Beach on Tanjung Bungah. Not too bad though this hotel, considering it is a four star rated hotel. Formerly it is known as Crown Jewel Hotel.

For the countdown, we went to Sunset Bistro at Batu Ferringhi and it was like super jam pack with people. Considering we have a beach feel, but the location… ermm.. could be better. I wanted to search for the bar I went two years ago, but I can’t remember that place’s name. Quiet environment, by the sea but I can’t remember if they have a beach there.

Overall, I enjoyed the trip. Been a while since Chiang Mai that I can just relax. Plus, the whole random Taboo games was like crazy! We could have played Monopoly the whole night lah, seriously. Throughout this whole Penang plan, the driving back part was a little bit tiring. Next time, we fly.

Part of The Boys. Missing Pat who’s in South Africa and Ben is just being Ben for being an anal for not coming.

Good start for 2010… and more to come.

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