My 2010 Resolution

I’m up early and the internet is like super fast thanks to P1 WiMAX.

So yeah… took me a while to put this up, but well, not too late right?

Every year, I do resolution… over and over again. Like they are the same similar resolution. I’ve been thinking and well, resolution should be something that I want to resolve. Something which I’ve maybe started or am actually going through but not accomplished.

If I were to look thoroughly into what I want to resolve, I can write a book out of it! Of course I can’t be resolving every single thing right? Maybe I could, but I just want to focus on things that do really matter for me this year and I’m seriously looking for a change this year.

Here goes in no particular order:

1) Increase my wealth. Money really matters more now than before. It was a tough and painful realization.

2) Love. Enough said. I’ve not been doing much in this area and it’s another tough and painful realization.

3) Network, with people whom really matter to me and with people whom I can share resources and help each other succeed.

4) Missin’ the ol’ YapThomas with loads of pictures, be it events or functions or whatsoever? Guess what? He’s back!

5) Me First. It’s time to stand for my own and fight for what I want and also for what I deserve. Time to steer the my own vessel to my own designated course, not others. Time to be selfish for personal benefits. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Yeap, five only and that will do for me this year onwards.

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