Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare

Yes, trust me when I say this. I can have access to “Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare”.


Because I’m working in a travel agency!

I’m on a last minute plan to head up north, yes again. This time with Air Asia.

Wanted to fly Firefly because I’ve never flew on it and they have good comments so far. But, Air Asia stole my heart as the air fare that I can get is super cheap!

This is what I get from Firefly.

So expensive, even though it is nearer to my place but still, I don’t mind traveling further for cheaper fare.

This is what I get from Air Asia online price.

Even more expensive, given that I’ve added 20kg baggage and also taken advance boarding and on board meals, it is still expensive compared to what I can get through my system. Look at how cheap it is…

Half the price I can get online. Nyek! Nyek! Nyek! This is so so so cool! Plus, I just only bought my flight. Super last minute right? Even if I buy tomorrow also, the price is fixed and will never change.

Yes. I shall brand this as “Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare” (C). Of course, as a travel agent, we still will charge service fee and what not. In the end, it will still be cheaper than online price. Say, we charge RM 50 for all tickets issued, it totals up to RM 176 and it’s still cheaper than RM 241.

Who says you can only get cheaper price online?

Good thing about this “Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare” is that with the price I’m paying, I’m getting all these:

– Additional 20kg of baggage allowance.
– Meals of my choice.
– Express boarding with seat selection.
– I can change date anytime I want without being charged extra.

You know where to reach me should you feel like trying to grab this deal.

But anyhow, just email travel(at) for more info.

“Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare” is my own term and is a contracted fare with my agency. I’m only using that term of “Air Asia Last Minute Super Value Fare” on my own accord. Don’t sue me.

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