Masak Masak – Pasta Aglio Olio

Come to think of it, when I opened my picture folder, it was like a month ago since I did this.

It was a Tuesday and I was sick. Sick of working so I “mogok-ed” and stayed at home. Did some shopping at Pyramid and bought myself some groceries to do some cooking at home.

The plan was to cook something simple and just make my tummy happy.

Pasta it was. A simple pasta with some additional toppings.

So here goes:

# 1 – Cook the Pasta… Self explanatory…

# 2 – Topping 1 is Ham. Fry it till it turns a little brownish.

#3 – Topping 2 is Sausage. Just stir fry it. Slice it into pieces if you like.

#4 – The final product?

I personally think it was real yummy. Don’t worry this meal was fine. I did not get any stomach ache after that. Neither did my guest and I’m sure it was real yummy too, right? :p

Certified can eat without worry.

Oh wells, now I’m itching to cook pasta again tonight. Anyone?

8 comments on “Masak Masak – Pasta Aglio Olio

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