Money and Me

Hmm… money. Tough issue to deal with eh? Right this moment of economic situation…

Have you been in a situation where you will accounted for every single cents?

Like, if you are going out for dinner and it is a split paying meal. The bill comes to RM 44.50 and you paid your friend RM 22 instead of RM 22.25 because you don’t have change. Your friend insist that the RM 0.25 is accounted for and either you pay it now or later. Sucks right?

Don’t get me started over the sharing of apartment rentals, buying stuffs from oversea with exchange rates yada yada yada… You get the drift.

Some people just like to make the big deal out of like few cents. Yes, that’s money. But does true relationship started with money? Relationship of friends, married couple, or even working colleagues. Money never came in the way of how we know the other person.

See, to me the small differences doesn’t matter in dollar and cents. When I say small, I don’t even care if it is RM 5 difference. If you’ve been to dinner or happen to have me around paying up first. I don’t calculate to the dot when we all sit down after I paid and settle the bill amongst us. I will usually take what’s given or up/down figure, and if it’s less… it’s less. It’s just a meal. Not like a billion dollar deal where less 1% of RM 1 million is RM 10K. Now that’s a lot.

Should we have gone for dinner, movie, karaoke or bowling and in the end you didn’t pay me back your portion even though you told me you will. I will not ask it back from you, because we had a heck of a great time. If you would want something and I know you would like it, I will buy it for you. It’s a gift. Because you like it and I like to see you all happy receiving it. Simple as that. I only do these to people I’ve known for some time and I cherish the relationship with them.

No. I don’t come from a rich family that I can splurge whatever I like nor I’m loaded in any way. It is just that I’ve seen how much money can bridge two worlds apart in my life. I’ve seen how much money can be loved by many yet, be able to cause hatred. It is also because, I’ve parted huge amount of money because of friends thus what’s RM5, RM10 or RM20??

Then again, being the kind and generous I am, I push away those who ask for a loan in cash. I have recently rejected two friends who came to me asking for a loan in cash to help them out. (Bail out the tough economic situation I guess) I could’ve help them out given their story, but hey we are not even close friends to begin with plus I don’t think I want to part away with my money now and not being able to get it back soon. I know them too well. In this kind of situation, yes, I will buy you a meal or drink. Not cash loan.

On contrary, if I owe you money. I will definitely work my way out to get it back to you asap. Oh, I don’t shut myself away from you when I owe you money because I hate people who does that to me too. Usually, I will top the paycheck with some little love called interest. When it’s good times for me, it is good times for you too, because you helped me when I’m in my not-so-good times.

That all being said, I also have a memory of who owes me what from which meal, movie and entertainment. Not that I want to calculate with them. Just that I have a typical memory slot for it in my brain. -_- The same slot that carries the memory of me asking someone to for my meal first. Helps me to pay it back at a later period.

Also, sometimes, we also need to be smart when asking favor. You ask someone to fetch you from one place to another. Reimburse them back. They are doing you a favor you are asking for. Even if it is not immediate, do it later. They will appreciate it. Oh, if they come willingly, be happy that they are. That Mr. Willing don’t come often. Hahaha…

So there you go.. that’s my Money and Me matters…

8 comments on “Money and Me

  1. haha.. LOL =D agree agree!! Well, there’s just gotta be this kinda of ppl to make the world more balance… Else, there won’t be the concept of yin and yang d.. LOL =D hahaha

  2. Totally agree!!
    Hate those frens who owez get free ride. When i ask for ‘yumcha’ in a joking way to reimburse the petrol $, nothing comes faster than silence. Bull shit!

    “Ken, I love ur car!”
    I replied them, love my car?, then feed her lar.

    A grace of silence.

  3. Tan Yee Hou: Agree on that statement of yours too! :D

    andrew: yes to ying and yang!! :P

    Ken: Hahhaha.. well.. your that kind of fren has learned The Art of Leeching! hahaha

  4. Hmmm… But then again, for the car thing. I did meet dis guy who blatantly demanded dat we pay for petrol cos he has no money to drive us around. MEGA turnoff.

    If I offered to drive my frens around, I don’t think its cool to ask for them to pay for petrol. And if they kept leeching on me to drive them around, I’ll jz say no.

  5. erin: Well at least he said it in advance and be honest with it. No? Unless he offered and said, “But you guys have to chip in a lil bit”.

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