The KLIA and LCCT-Labu Blah Blah Blah

So, KLIA or LCCT Labu?

All I can say is that LCCT Labu is just a gimmick. As much as I have support for Air Asia as well as MAS, I do seriously think, spending on LCCT Labu is just not wise and no businessman would venture into that.

Why do I think so?

I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong, but don’t quote me. MY focus will be solely on KLIA and how to make KLIA better. We don’t need something new to make a name for ourselves. Just re-brand!

Why would they want to upgrade the facilities in LCCT now when they have plans to get LCCT Labu up and running soon? It is like throwing money without thinking of ROI. I don’t think any businessman would do that. Unless, the money recovered is unimaginely quick.

Again, the logic is, soil problem is not a big huge problem at all. If we have the desire to get KLIA LCCT done up as soon as possible, we can always adopt a technology to do so. The receipts from tourism can easilly offset the cost of adopting such technology. If there is any technology available.

Should cost be MAHB biggest concern, invite Sime Darby to venture into airport business and get a cut out of them. I mean, MAHB has serious problem in promoting KLIA and making KLIA to a world class airport to attract many more world class airlines. With a venture with Sime Darby, I think, maybe MAHB can quite make the cut and build KLIA to a status a par with Changi or Suvarnabhumi.

We seriously need to get a professional planner to get things done at KLIA and put KLIA and LCCT on more airline’s landing radar now! Airport is a very essential facility for any country to grow.

What I see at KLIA and LCCT now is that, they are from the same mother, but it seems that LCCT somehow has stole the limelight and KLIA is now jealous and pulling a sour face, emoing.

They should be working together to link both great facilities up and make it more convenient to the mass public. It is sad to know that LCCT sits just beside KLIA, but just because of some soil problem or railway blocking in between, there is no linkage. Imagine how much can both KLIA and LCCT benefit in terms of passenger growth if they are both well connected?

Let’s say, I want to fly from Penang to Miri. There immediate connection from Penang to Miri is on MAS in KLIA. But, there is a later flight to Miri at LCCT. I would rather save the buck to travel from LCCT and KLIA and take Air Asia instead. It’s human psychology. Distance without proper immediate connection deters a great relationship between two great airports.

Somebody needs to buck up and I do seriously think that MAHB and LCCT needs to put on their thinking cap again to restrategize their business for the benefit of the country. Not just the people. not just themselves and not for some idiot politician who say what they should do.

And they should do it, PRONTO!

5 comments on “The KLIA and LCCT-Labu Blah Blah Blah

  1. the FAT guys seating on his char said: so what cut do i have on the deal?

    i know there is alot of improvement can be done.. but the older Gen mindset are still seating on the top of things.. we need changes/reform..

  2. Ya, it also makes sense to me to expand the existing KLIA. If MAHB is not being competitive enough for Air Asia, then maybe they should be forced to be… dunno all the ins and outs though.

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