How Much You Are Worth?

I’ve been getting this Job Alert from JobStreet every week, and all the jobs in the
alert is all about Sales and Marketing positions available in Klang Valley.

It has never caught my attention for the “zillions” of times the email arrived, but
last week’s was just.. O_O

The length these companies goes to capture you and pay you for what you’re worth!

I was so tempted to apply for this position : *Super* Tele Sales Executive

Wow, the company name is also so good… The Sales Ninja Group.

Every morning, I will have to wear a ninja headband to work.. and wish my boss

Haiya!!! Boss! Good Morning Boss!!…. Haiya” *shows ninja move* -_____-

Then, they have this introduction:

Before you read on, i just wanted to let you know that if you are an average sales person, you will be bringing home about RM 4K a month… but if you a performer, ie sales superstar, RM 11K will show up in your bank account every single month. The income is real, and the opportunity is real. My current sales team didn’t work till 10pm or even on Saturdays and Sundays. 6.30pm and they are done!

Whoa.. I want to see RM 11K in my bank every month..!!!!
And… to see if you deserve this much of income.. they gave like 5 criterias,  and this
one criteria really motivates…

- You think your current commission structure sucks and truly believe you should be earning 3 times of what you are earning now.

These are their requirements:


  • Have the desire to earn lots of money and succeed in life.
  • Want to change that stupid old car of yours.
  • Want to make the opposite sex proud of your new found success.
  • You are intelligent and able to think fast on the feet… in this case through the phone.

Okay, I want to earn lots of money, I want to change my newly bought car, I want
to appeal more to the “greedy for money” opposite sex and wait a minute…

U mean I have talk on the phone all day long for sales call? *dies*


I would apply for this position: Sales Specialist

ONLY.. because they offer these kinda perks…

For the right candidates : BASIC SALARY + ATTRACTIVE COMMISSION +

O_O.. Superb Jackpot???

Wah.. I can win Jackpot weh…

This company deals with automobiles hence their company name EOA Automobile.
It is a company specialized in ‘Help Sell A Car Solution’.

Heck.. I don’t care what your company do.. I want that Jackpot!

See see, it is a 3 Days 2 Nights voucher to Redang.. muahahahahah

I’m just fascinated with the way they introduce their company and the perks
and what-not ‘job satisfaction’ they are giving to their new babies in the companies.

*aint no sponsored thread by JobStreet. Nothing to do with them* 

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  1. do you even want any job from jobstreet?

    my present colleague who just joined like few months ago said that the previous job she got from jobstreet made her leave that job and join my company :P

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