Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant

Last week, Sunday, brought mom to The Garden, Mid Valley City.
We covered all the places, just a window shopping..

She was fascinated with Robinson’s department store cause, it reminds her of her trip
to UK many years ago while she was working. She’s retired now.

A friend, Eliza was working with a sushi restaurant at lower ground floor.
Asked her if she knows any nice place to eat. She instantly told me Fong Lye.
I thought it was another random chinese restaurant sprouting their wings in KL.

Located at 3rd Floor at The Garden. This place is a Taiwanese Food and Tea House.

Setting is just as cozy as you want. With sofa seats everywhere, you just find this place
a good joint to unwind after a long day walk and just sip some nice fragrant tea.

On the menu, you will sure be spoilt for choices of food. They have all range from
chicken, beef, fish and pork. Yes, cater to the non-halal consumers.

The ordering style is pretty much like Kim Gary. They give you a paper and pen and
you write down your order. You probably need at least 6 sheets of paper if you want
to order the whole menu they have… or just write “Give me everything you have”.

We ordered the set meals which only cost us RM 18.80++ per set.
Also ordered the Spring Roll. A definite no no, if i were to recommend. Both the
Pork and Chicken Set Menu was definitely one of them to go for. YUMMY!!

Pork Set Menu

Chicken Set Menu

Sooth our throat with Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Tea… anyone?


All pictures were taken with the new Samsung SGH-L760 “blogger” phone.

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